Personal Color Analysis

Personal Color Analysis (PCA) is the process to determine which group of colors or “season” is harmonious with your skin tone.

I am a 12 Blueprints Certified Personal Color Analyst trained in the sci/ART method by the esteemed Christine Scaman of Ontario, Canada. The 12 color seasons, in the method of PCA that I practice, are in accord with the Munsell Color System. The Munsell Color System organizes color based on 3 dimensions: Hue (warm or cool), Value (light or dark), Chroma (bright or soft/muted).

To obtain accurate results my studio is painted a neutral gray. Under specialized full spectrum lighting and using the 12 Blueprints color calibrated drapes, I will compare the effects of the 12 groupings or “seasons” to place you in the color season that it most complementary to your complexion and facial features.


Jennifer Ballard has helped me to feel concrete in my season. In going forward it is so rewarding to shop my season with confidence. She has a very discerning eye and talent to be shared. What a great asset to have in the Pacific Northwest! Thanks Jennifer!

- Sharon Q.

I have never been a stylish person or the kind of woman who knows exactly what to wear, and if this color is really good for me. When Jen did my colors I was nervous: I thought it might be expensive or she might try to get me to change everything about myself. That was not it at all! She was so gentle and fun to talk with, and it is so easy to use. I have had a couple of items - a hat, a blouse, a winter coat - and each time consulted the color palette she prepared for me. I have quit buying things that just never looked right. I highly recommend Jen! I loved doing this and you will too

- Sarah B.

Having my colors analyzed by Jen was a fun experience that pleasantly changed how I look at my clothes and what I am buying. I now know just why I am always drawn to certain colors and why to let go of those pieces of my wardrobe that I put on and immediately take off. Knowing my colors makes me feel confident that everything I put on that is in my personal color swatch is going to look fantastic on me.

- Colleen C.

Services & Pricing

Personal Color Analysis Session

Adults Ages 18+

The session lasts approximately 3 hours and includes:

  • A brief summary of the Munsell Color System and how it relates to Personal Color Analysis
  • A 12-Season Color Analysis, using the 12 Blueprints color calibrated drapes, to determine your seasonal placement
  • Further exploration of your color season with an additional set of luxury drapes and the neutrals collection
  • An archival-quality canvas compact swatch fan of 65 colors in your color season ($80.00 retail value from True Colour International)
  • A tutorial on how to utilize your color swatch fan when selecting clothing, accessories, and cosmetics
  • A list of cosmetics harmonized to your color season sent via email

$275.00 USD

Post Color Analysis Review

For clients who I have analyzed

This session is for clients who want additional support as they adapt to their season. Activities may include:

  • Exploring luxury drapes and seasonal color combinations
  • Practice swatching clothing/makeup/accessories to see if items are in season
  • Reviewing the neutrals collection

$65.00 USD Per Hour

I am available to see clients Thursday - Sunday
By appointment.

Booking & Contact

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Where is your studio located?

My home studio is located in Portland, Oregon in the Laurelhurst Neighborhood.

How long is a color analysis appointment?

The appointment lasts approximately 3 hours…it is best to not have plans immediately afterward in case additional time is needed.

Can I bring a guest to my appointment?

Unfortunately at this time my studio space can not accommodate observers…this includes infants/children. This appointment is all about you!

Can I wear makeup to my appointment?

During a color analysis I will be looking at subtle reactions in your skin and facial features, so for accurate results it is imperative that you arrive to your appointment with a bare face.

Can I have a tan?

It is best to avoid direct contact with the sun, tanning beds, and self tanners for two weeks prior to your appointment.

What forms of payment do you accept? When do I pay?

I accept cash and all major credit cards via my Clover Go credit card reader…NO Personal checks please. Payment is due at the time of your appointment.